Deborah enters your office ready to discuss the project. She discusses her feedback on the plan thus


Deborah enters your office ready to discuss the project. She discusses her feedback on the plan thus far. She states that your team is doing an excellent job researching and you’ve been keeping her up-to-date on your findings. She commends you for your focus on effective management strategies because your team has been looking at every aspect of the company and considering both internal and external pros and cons. She asks that your team now apply the findings to develop a strategic framework so that the company can begin its global expansion programs. You decide that Deborah has brought up another good point and decide that the balanced scorecard would make a good part of strategic framework.A balanced scorecard suggests that we view the organization from four perspectives (the learning & growth perspective, the business process perspective, the customer perspective, and the financial perspective). Create a 2-3 page paper that discusses the following:Briefly discuss the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard and analyze what each means to your organization.In addition to the balanced scorecard, provide an overview of two other strategies that would be part of your company’s strategic framework for global expansion.Why is it important to combine different strategies when pursuing global expansion?In addition to your textbook material, here are a few resources that may help you learn more about the basics of the balanced scorecard:


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Deborah enters your office ready to discuss the project. She discusses her feedback on the plan thus
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Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 600–800 words that respond to the
following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future
discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas..
As the firm looks for ways to offset the domestic downturn in sales, Deborah, the CEO of your company,
wants to determine if a global strategy is a good fit for the organization. She has designated you as the
manager for this project. You will work with your team to develop a global marketing plan for your
You begin your research in deciding if and what the global strategy should be. You get your team
together and begin to discuss a plan on how you will research this possibility.
You start the meeting by saying “Let’s brainstorm and start to get a plan together for a possible
globalization strategy. Tiffany, I’d like you work with me to begin researching possible locations.”
Tiffany says, “I think we need to research some locations, but I think there is more to it than that. There
still needs to be a decision on the type of strategy or approach we are taking. Would we use a
multidomestic approach, a global approach, or a transnational approach? I’m still not entirely convinced
a global strategy is the answer.”
“Great point, Tiffany. It is obvious to me as well that we need to explore a strategy that will put us in a
better position to handle the economic downturn. We have to provide the board with the facts. They
seem to be leaning in the direction of a global strategy, but I’m not sure it’s the right move either. That’s
why we need to do research.”
Domestic profit margins have dropped by 2% this quarter. You wonder how you and your team can help
fix this. Is a global strategy the answer, or should the company continue to focus on the domestic
You call a team meeting to learn about the progress of their research.
Tiffany, one of your team members, begins the discussion. “I think we need to look at some of the
internal factors,” she says. “We know what our capabilities are on the domestic front, but what about in
the global market? We have a fairly strong market presence here in higher-end markets, but how does
that translate globally?”
Discuss the following:

How do you define a global strategy? Compare and contrast global strategy with other
international expansion strategies.
Identify a minimum of 3 possible countries for globalization. Research each of these locations
in the furniture industry, and document both the pros and cons of using these in global
What country would you choose? What evidence can you provide in support of your choice?
What evidence might somebody else, who does not agree with you, provide to support an
alternative choice?
Recommend two or three areas to benchmark in preparation for the decision regarding global
expansion. MUSE materials provide information regarding this topic.
Philidian Braswell
Unit 1 DB2
July 7, 2019
Beginning Development of Global Strategies
Global Strategy
A global strategy is one that a company takes when it wants to compete and expand in the global
market. In other words, a strategy business pursues when they wish to expand internationally. A
global strategy refers to the plans an organization has developed to target growth beyond its
borders. Specifically, it aims to increase the sales of goods or services abroad (Nordqvist, 2019).
A worldwide system alludes to the plans an association has created to target development past its
fringes. It means to build the offers of merchandise or administrations abroad. It is an
abbreviated term that spreads three different methodologies, which incorporates worldwide,
global, and the transnational systems. A global organization is one that imports and fares. At the
end of the day, it offers to clients abroad and has outside providers. This kind of organization
does not have any speculations, which incorporates branches, workplaces, and industrial
facilities outside its nation of origin. A global organization, in contrast to a worldwide one, has
interests in different nations. It has business, staff, and premises in more than one nation. Be that
as it may, it doesn’t have composed item contributions. A global organization concentrates more
on adjusting its items and administrations to singular nearby markets. A transnational
organization works in various nations. It has interests in tasks both at home and abroad. Be that
as it may, the executives/supervisors at every individual market are additionally the chiefs for
their districts. Also, nearby administration settles on research, advancement, and showcasing
arrangements and procedures for their domains.
Compare and Contrast Global Strategy with other International Expansion Strategies
Both global and international work with clients outside of the US and the way that the worldwide
procedure business seeks after to extend globally. there are numerous distinctions in these two
systems be that as it may. In talking about these two techniques with others, I have seen that
they are seen to be the equivalent by them just as by a few markets all through the world.
Notwithstanding, I don’t accept that they are the equivalent. Worldwide methodology includes
the promoting strategies embraced by proficient advertisers in various nations explicit to the
business sectors of those nations. Worldwide showcasing, then again is a promoting idea which
includes the advertising endeavors put in for the one of a kind overall market. The worldwide
methodology is the point at which an association uses a definite special strategy everywhere
throughout the world, in any case, the global technique alludes to a circumstance wherein an
organization opens an auxiliary in another nation and licenses that backup to care for the market
in that district and pay thought to neighborhood traditions like religion, dietary, and way of life
propensities. Both the global and multinational strategy companies have a nearness in various
nations although the worldwide organization concentrates more on adjusting its items and
administrations to singular neighborhood markets. The worldwide technique concentrates more
all in all world, while, the global just has a desire to grow yet center more around neighborhood
organizations. Finally, the traditional strategy companies advance considering ecological powers
and concurrent requests for worldwide productivity, national responsiveness, and overall
learning. The transnational system consolidates highlights of the worldwide, worldwide, and
global models. An item is intended to be all around aggressive and is separated and adjusted by
nearby backups to fulfill neighborhood market needs.
Countries for Globalization
In 2018, Statista ranked Ireland, Canada, and Spain as three of its countries of globalization with
Spain, which ranked 12th at 85.3, Ireland being ranked 15th at 84.64, and Canada, which ranked
number 16 at 84.38.
Spain in the Furniture Industry and Its Pros and Cons
The furniture industry in Spain provides trends in furniture production and consumption,
furniture imports and exports, furniture production prices (Tracogna & Asia, 2008). Profiles are
accommodated the real Spanish furniture makers. Spanish furniture generation is separated by
portion (office furniture, upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, room furniture, feasting and
family room furniture, other seating, other furnishings and parts). Spanish furniture utilization is
separated by portion also, together with an examination of home furniture deals by dissemination
channels (little scale free retailers, purchasing gatherings, diversifying, autonomous furniture
chains, non-dispersion). Spanish furniture imports and fares are separated by nation and portion
(office furniture, upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, room furniture, eating and parlor
furniture, non-upholstered seats, other furnishings, furniture parts and seating parts). The wood
and ranger service division are additionally considered: generation, imports, fares and utilization
information are accommodated the primary semi-completed wood items.
Ireland in the Furniture Industry and Its Pros and Cons
All the furniture production is carried completely out in Ireland. The furniture business can
depend on brilliant essential materials and providers of individual segments. Ireland furniture
generation in the EU uses trend setting innovations in which give clients different advantages
notwithstanding their worthy cost. Yes, Ireland has some very strong pros to back them up, but
they also have some weaknesses that are a concern for the country: Work costs inside the EU are
moderately higher, the work power in the EU is bit by bit ageing, the primary determinants for
interest for furniture are feeble, little and medium-sized organizations with restricted access to
financing rule furniture generation in the EU, and Defensive estimates still apply for fare markets
from the EU.
Canada in the Furniture Industry and Its Pros and Cons
In the previous decade, the Canadian furniture industry has contracted because of three factors:
the offshoring of furniture generation to basically Asian nations, the ascent of the estimation of
the Canadian dollar, and the retreat of 2008-09. Regardless of the critical change of the business,
it is yet the second biggest shopper items division after sustenance and refreshment handling as
far as work and has a huge household nearness with provincial portrayal in each region. Canada
has skill in strong wood furniture, office furniture and kitchen cupboard producing. The
Canadian furniture industry is one of the best 10 makers of furniture on the planet and has a solid
notoriety for high caliber and its utilization of Made-in-Canada marking.
Out of these three countries if I had to choose one to go with and I know that I would continue to
make production and money it would be Canada because of exactly what I mentioned above.
Canada is offshoring to other countries, and it is the second biggest shopper items division. It is
also one of the top ten makers in the nation and I would rather go with a country that is ranked
higher and demanded more. The only information that anyone could give that does not agree
with me on this is the fact that Spain and Ireland globalization scores are ranked higher that
Canada. The question is are the consumers looking for quantity or do the prefer the quality in
what’s produces, and I think that they will go with the quality.
Areas to Benchmark
M.U.S.E. says that there are “three broad categories of benchmarking, which includes, process
benchmarking, performance benchmarking, and strategic benchmarking. The procedure
benchmarking This sort of benchmarking breaks down the everyday activities of an association
to search for potential changes that could prompt expanded profitability, cost decreases,
improved quality rates, or improved client administration. This survey generally happens at the
organization’s most minimal levels. Procedures, for example, client protests, charging, request
satisfaction, or enlistment are territories where benchmarking can give crisp plans to efficiency
improvement. At the point when procedure upgrades are perceived, execution improvement
rapidly pursues. With execution benchmarking, an association can contrast its presentation
results with different associations inside the business. This examination should be possible in the
territories of dependability, quality, speed, and different attributes of items or administrations.
Vital administration centers around long haul results or the activities of top administration inside
the association. Key benchmarking takes a gander at how associations contend over the business.
It is intriguing to take note of that the Japanese utilize this benchmark method more habitually
than their U.S. partners (MUSE Home, 2019).
Nordqvist, C. (2019, March 24). Global strategy – definition and meaning. Retrieved from

Global strategy – definition and meaning

KOF Globalization Index 2018. (n.d.). Retrieved from
MUSE Home. (2019). Types of Benchmarking. Retrieved July 8, 2019, from
Tracogna, Alessandra & Pisa, Cecilia. (2008). The furniture industry in Spain. Centre for
Industrial Studies (CSIL), CSIL reports.
Mike, one of the marketing strategists on your team, stops at your office door wanting to talk. “We use
fabrics that are made domestically; however, there are issues with using these same fabrics globally.
There are laws and regulations that prevent us from shipping these fabrics to other countries. This is a
huge concern. One of our primary selling points is the consistency of quality of our product.”
You confirm Mike’s concern, “That’s an excellent point,” you say. “Now you’ve just given yourself and
our team more work for the presentation. I’m sure that will come up. One of the board members used
to run a textile plant in China.”
Mike nods his head in agreement. “I imagine textiles will not be the only resource concern,” he says.
Consider the following in your response:

Why should resources be a concern in a global strategy?
What resources may be a concern in the country you selected?
How will this impact the decision to move to the country that you selected?
How will this impact your competitive strategy in your global market?
Global Strategies
Beginning Development of Global Strategies
Philidian Braswell
Colorado Technical University
Global Strategies
Beginning Development of Global Strategies
Global strategy is designed to allow an organization to be successful in expanding
internationally. In developing ‘global strategy’, it is useful to distinguish between three forms of
international expansion that arise from a company’s resources, capabilities and current
international position. If the company is still mainly focused on its home markets, then its
strategies outside its home markets is international (n.d.)
Why should resources be a concern in a global strategy?
Resources should be a concern in global strategy because it requires substantial funds for
marketing, business set up costs and even for running the business. Resources are a few factors
that will be required for a business to achieve an action, for example, the creation of an item, and
so on., the assets come as money related, human, instruction, physical, and enthusiastic assets;
particularly for a firm hoping to go worldwide, a cautious survey of the assets accessible will
enable the organization to be fruitful. Financial resource is the most crucial component for any
business, without the cash an organization would not have the option to achieve even the
essential stuff, for example, the enlistment of a business name. “The success of an organization
is heavily reliant on the talent and strength if its employees” (Henderson, 2017), this resource
falls under our human resource; our workforce is what will allow to create products of great
quality or poor quality and because of them our company could succeed or fail. The executives,
board individuals, the authority of the organization should most likely comprehend the market,
the area of the organization, the administration will locate that instructive assets will enable them
to comprehend what they have to know so as to settle on sure the correct choices are made. It
will be stressful trying to run and organize the organization, but everyone will have to remain
calm and positive throughout the process.
Global Strategies
What resources may be a concern in the country you selected?
The country chose for globalization which is Canada will display a few worries
the extent that resources go, they could incorporate those referenced above and that’s only the tip
of the iceberg. With Canada having its major resources to maintain there are some resources that
bring major concern to the country. They are all environmental issues: air and water pollution,
climate change, mining and logging. With the Cold warming quicker than some other biome as
of late, Canadians are especially worried about the effects of environmental change. The nation
creates huge riches from its oil and gas activities. Be that as it may, the oil and gas businesses
represent a fourth of Canada’s ozone depleting substance discharges, with the oilsands being the
most carbon concentrated. The oil extricated in Alberta’s oilsands stores is dispatched in
pipelines in its bitumen crude structure. The discussion about whether Canada should fabricate
new pipelines is yet progressing because of stresses over environmental change, pipeline spills,
oil tanker spills and First Countries rights. A lot of the Canadian populace lives in urban
territories and urban communities are famous for their poor air quality. Condition Canada has
singled out air contamination as a noteworthy worry as it influences untamed life, vegetation,
soil and water. The administration office has said air contamination from urban territories causes
corrosive downpour and adds to environmental change. Canada is home to a bounty of
freshwater, yet the World Wildlife Fund has raised worries about water use and the damming of
Canadian waterways. The WWF noticed that Canada utilizes a lot of water for agribusiness,
industry and utilization. The protection association said Canada moves more water starting with
one watershed then onto the next than some other nation on the planet and this action can be
destroying to biological systems.
Global Strategies
The Impact
Experiencing many of the effects of climate change first-hand, Canada has
enacted numerous policies aimed at combating emissions. The Canadian Environmental
Protection Act was introduced in 1999 to combat specific to air pollutants and has had many
amendments and additions since its introduction (Smith, 2019). To handle ozone harming
substance outflows in the power part, the Canadian government has restricted the production of
new coal-terminated power plants. The administration has additionally passed guidelines that
command lower vehicle outflows and progressively proficient fuel use. In 2016 they presented
the Multi-area Air Toxins Guidelines to constrain the measure of nitrogen oxides (NOx)
transmitted from vaporous fuel-terminated non-utility boilers, radiators and stationary flash start
vaporous fuel-terminated motors. Canada has additionally achieved various ecological
concurrences with the worldwide network. Canada was the primary created country to sanction
the UN Show on Natural Assorted variety. As per this settlement, Canada’s administrations have
moved to shield just about 10 percent of Canada’s property mass and 3 million hectares of sea. If
Canada continue to take care of these resources the way they are now, then there will not be a
problem with it’s population continuing to grow and people moving into its country.
Impacting the Competitive Strategy in Canada’s Global Market?
If the team here continues to come up with well-developed plans that will identify
any risks, and how to maintain them than the transitions into Canada should go well, with minor
issues her and there that can also be fixed by the organization. Be that as it may, close
consideration will likewise should be pay to the clients, providers, items, and other competitors,
every one of them will likewise change continually and along these lines we should probably
adjust as needs be; they are and will consistently be unique in relation to the individuals who are
Global Strategies
in our fundamental home office. Our clients could without much of a stretch change what they
may like, providers c …
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