Argumentative Position PaperOverview: Students will write a 4-5 page argumentative position paper on


Argumentative Position PaperOverview: Students will write a 4-5 page argumentative position paper on one of the course topics, using at least 6 sources. This paper will include:an introduction that gives background information on the topic and has a thesis statement that takes a clear standa concession that is explained and supportedarguments and counterarguments thatare fully developed and directly related to the thesisinclude evidence from sourcesuse appropriate language to support the argumentative genrea conclusion that summarizes main points and reaffirms the strength of the argument and suggests a course of action, describes future implications, proposes a possible solution Student Learning Outcomes addressed:Learning AreaStudent Learning OutcomeContent knowledgeDemonstrate content knowledge by answering questions about specific content (subject matter) from units studied and incorporate this knowledge when speaking or writing about the content topic.LanguageUse appropriate language to support rhetorical analysis, persuasion and argumentation in spoken and written communication.Rhetorical Thought PatternDemonstrate the ability to identify the features and language characteristics of persuasive and argumentative rhetorical thought patterns and be able to organize ideas in communication using these patterns.All of the sources of information used for this paper should come from the sources used in the research and citation assignment. When information from a source is used, the student must state where the information came from and also include a list of the sources used at the end of the paper.Assessment: The Position Paper Assignment is worth 20% of the final course grade. The instructor will use a rubric to evaluate the papers. Areas of evaluation will include application of course content, task-related skills, and language use.Higher grades will go to papers that exhibit logical thinking, an analytical framework, specific evidence, the ability to inform and communicate in good quality language with sound organization, and a concise and coherent argument. In this paper, the premium will go to those who are capable of making a persuasive argument. That argument must be backed up with specific factual information, not just based on your own impressions. You are expected to come to your own conclusion.Position Paper Rubric (2)Position Paper Rubric (2)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome• Introduction paragraphs introduce and give background information on the topic • A good quality thesis statement that clearly represents a stance on the topic. • A concession • Arguments and Counterarguments • Points are fully developed and explained (even for an audience who may not already be familiar with the topic) and include enough “evidence” to support them. • Conclusion summarizes main points and reaffirms the strength of the argument (e.g. suggests a course of action, describes future implications, proposes a possible solution).25.0 ptsExcellent22.5 ptsVery Good20.0 ptsGood17.5 ptsSatisfactory15.0 ptsNeeds Improvement12.5 ptsNeeds Improvement10.0 ptsUnsatisfactory0.0 ptsMissing25.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTask Related Skills – Research: • Paraphrases and quotations are accurate. • Paraphrases and quotations clearly and logically support ideas. • Reporting language is used consistently and effectively. • Source attribution is present for all outside ideas (e.g. in-text citations, references to author, etc.). • Reference List is complete and accurate15.0 ptsExcellent13.5 ptsVery Good12.0 ptsGood10.5 ptsSatisfactory9.0 ptsNeeds Improvement7.5 ptsNeeds Improvement6.0 ptsUnsatisfactory0.0 ptsMissing15.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTask Related Skills – Organization: • The argument and ideas in the paper are easy to follow due to: o Transitions used with appropriate frequency and accuracy. o Appropriate organization based on assignment sheet/textbook. o Logical connections from one idea to the next o Clear connection of all ideas to the thesis statement.15.0 ptsExcellent13.5 ptsVery Good12.0 ptsGood10.5 ptsSatisfactory9.0 ptsNeeds Improvement7.5 ptsNeeds Improvement6.0 ptsUnsatisfactory0.0 ptsMissing15.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTask Related Skills – Format: • Typed, 12 pt standard font, Double-spaced, 1 in. margins, no extra spaces. • New paragraphs are indented, no extra spaces. • Nothing departing from standard format (no emoticons, extra “!!!”, etc.).5.0 ptsExcellent4.5 ptsVery Good4.0 ptsGood3.5 ptsSatisfactory3.0 ptsNeeds Improvement2.5 ptsNeeds Improvement2.0 ptsUnsatisfactory0.0 ptsMissing5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeApplication of Course Content Knowledge: • Topic relates to the appropriate content unit, and has been approved by the instructor. • Comprehension and application of material from sources used in the annotated bibliography are apparent.10.0 ptsExcellent9.0 ptsVery Good8.0 ptsGood7.0 ptsSatisfactory6.0 ptsNeeds Improvement5.0 ptsNeeds Improvement4.0 ptsUnsatisfactory0.0 ptsMissing10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLanguage Use: • Appropriate language is used for an argumentative essay – impersonal, formal, academic vocabulary • Sentences are well structured with main and subordinate clauses • Grammar and spelling errors are infrequent and do not generally obscure the meaning of ideas being conveyed. • Language use is consistent with the expectations of a university-level class.30.0 ptsExcellent27.0 ptsVery Good24.0 ptsGood21.0 ptsSatisfactory18.0 ptsNeeds Improvements15.0 ptsNeeds Improvement12.0 ptsUnsatisfactory0.0 ptsMissing30.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment Completion: 5 points will be deducted for every half page under the minimum assigned length.0.0 ptsX0.0 ptsX0.0 ptsTotal Points: 100.0

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Argumentative Position PaperOverview: Students will write a 4-5 page argumentative position paper on
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Outline of Annotated Bibliography(Is fast-food good for our healthy)
Authors:Melinda Smith,M,A,and Lawrence Robinson .June 2019
In the article,The author emphasizes that it is very difficult to follow a healthy diet when you eat
at a fast food restaurant. Fast foods usually contain calories, sodium and unhealthy fats – usually
enough for a full meal a day. Its nutrients are also very low, almost no fruits, vegetables and fiber.
The article shows Eating fast food does not help health.Because it can’t balance the nutrients needed
by the human body.
Even the fast-food How to eat fast food and eat healthier,void sausage, bacon, and steak. These
meats are high in fat. Leaner breakfast meat choices include turkey, Canadian bacon, and ham.Be
careful when it comes to baked goods. Not only are most breakfast pastries, loafs, and muffins high
in sugar, they also tend to be high in sodium.Focus on fiber. Good choices include bran muffins,
oatmeal, and granola. Just watch out for excess sugar.Go easy on the cheese and breakfast sauces.
Ask for the sauce on the side to keep the calories down.Say no to the breakfast burrito. These dietbusters tend to be loaded with carbs, calories, sodium, and fat.Choose toast or English muffins over
biscuits. Biscuits are usually higher in calories and fat than toast or English muffins.
In my opinion, i think this article suitable for my essay,because Even if it is fast food, we should
eat healthier. For example, in countries like the United States, people generally eat fast food, but the
author gives advice on how to eat fast food to eat healthier and give recipes.
Authors:Joanna Dolgoff,M,D
In this article, ‘‘ Is fast-food always bad for you ’’claims The downside of eating fast food, the authors ask why people know that snacks are unhealthy, but still eat fast food. Because a snack contains enough calories. Eating fast food regularly leads to obesity, including childhood obesity. And
fast food stores put a lot of advertising, we have seen an amazing data from the data, each child
contacts more than 40,000 fast food ads every year.
Due to childhood obesity, the Los Angeles government passed a law that came into force in
2011. Great restrictions on the way fast food restaurants provide toys to children. For children, they
can get toys while eating fast food, so they are very happy with fast food restaurants. However, due
to the emergence of this law, children’s meals must be less than 600 calories, and contain vegetables
and meat, and have enough nutrition. Children can eat healthy and reduce obesity.
I strongly agree with this approach. The law is mandatory for children to eat healthier, which reduces the obesity rate of children as a whole, and children can enjoy their favorite toys while enjoying fast food. This is a good way.
Natalie Stein December 11,2018
The author did not criticize the bad food, but instead he felt that fast food provided the calories
that people needed and was quick. And the article mentions the convenience and cost of fast food
and the variety of fast food for people to choose, such as pizza, burgers, French fries.
So how can burgers be convenient? You can find fast food restaurants on almost every corner.
These fast food restaurants are open almost 24 hours a day, and for those who want to eat fresh food
but can’t control the weight, fast food is very convenient for people. . It can make people’s taste
buds have a good experience in a fast time. For the price/performance ratio of Hamburg, he is very
cheap, even cheaper than the ingredients you buy for cooking.For the diversity of fast food, we also
have many choices. Chinese fast food, American, Mexican, Middle Eastern. These choices can be
From my point of view, I think there are advantages and disadvantages to fast food. The key is how
you choose and treat fast food. Today’s fast foods have many options for healthier. For example,
you can choose bread, whole wheat, and white bread. So the health and badness of eating is entirely
in your own choice.
Michelle M.Mello,Eric B Rimm,and David M.November 1 2003
The author used a very interesting story to warn people that they should eat less fast food. A group
of overweight children in New York City filed a class action lawsuit against McDonald’s to claim
health problems related to obesity, improve the nutrition label of McDonald’s products, and consume for an education. The fast education critical program provides funding for meals. 1 This lawsuit has caused a strong, mainly negative reaction in the news media and public opinion courts.
And fast foods represent children who eat McDonald’s products and are said to become obese or
overweight and suffer from diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol intake or other health effects. Use data, and disease warnings to people who eat fast food.
The author’s example is a good fit for my topic because of the emergence of some diseases. A
large part of the group threatened some people who love fast food, warning them to reduce the frequency of eating fast food….
Author:Joel Fuhrman October 19,2017
The authors show that fast and processed foods today are common. But their damage to our
health and society as a whole may be more destructive than you might think. So this article will
make a destructive analysis to make you more aware of the destructive nature of fast food.
You may realize that fast and processed foods can damage your health, lead to diabetes and
obesity, as well as premature death, cancer, stroke and more. But these foods will also change your
brain and your mental health – fueling depression, mental illness and other problems. According to a
study published in the Journal of Public Health, people who eat fast food are 51% more likely to
suffer from depression than those who eat less or not eat fast food. This finding is for people who
only eat two snacks a week. You may know the harmful effects of fast food, but they are more destructive than you think.
For me, after reading this article, I will reduce the number of times I eat fast food, and try to do
some very healthy food at home. Because those diseases, and data are reminding me at all times,
deliciousness and convenience do not bring great benefits to my body.
yuchen Jan 14,2018
The authors analyzed the effects of fast food on the body’s immune system. The study found
that the immune system responds to a high-fat and high-calorie diet similar to a bacterial infection.
People who eat fast food for a long time, even after switching to a healthy diet, the body’s immune
system is still active, and the immune system response to some inflammation is more obvious.
In the article, two researchers from the University of Bonn, Dr. Eicke Latz and Dr. Anette
Christ. The rats were fed a high-fat, high-sugar, low-fiber “Western diet” (fast food) for one month
to observe the reaction of the mouse’s immune system. As a result, mice developed a strong inflammatory response throughout the body. Unexpectedly, an unhealthy diet caused an unexpected increase in the number of certain immune cells in the blood of mice.
Because the experiments of the mice let us understand. Fast food causes the body’s immune
system to produce a large number of immune cells, and when it is no longer a fast-food diet, the
body’s inflammation disappears. So fast food is double-sided and can’t be criticized, but it also has
some benefits. Because of these data and reasonable analysis, let us know more about fast food.

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