After reading the two articles and watching the TED talk video for this week’s assignment, write a


After reading the two articles and watching the TED talk video for this week’s assignment, write and post an essay on the way that your research phenomenon of primary interest is part of a “system of communication” in the broader social world, and how these system dynamics could be changed for better results.Parrish-Sprowl, J. (2013). Communication complex (Links to an external site.) [Video File]. Retrieved from


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After reading the two articles and watching the TED talk video for this week’s assignment, write a
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Discrimination of Recent Immigrants in the Army
Adler University
Bart Buechner
July 2, 2019
Discrimination of Recent Immigrants in the Army
Why I started this course of study
Veterans and the military personnel are important people who protect the interests of the
American people not only in the United States but other regions of the world. We do appreciate
the fact that discrimination is a serious issue that is affecting our society (Kelly, 2018). This form
of discrimination against the vulnerable groups in the military such as the like African American,
LGBTQ, women, disabled people, and recent immigrants’ groups is what has led high
prevalence rates of mental illnesses such as the post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, I have
developed indomitable passion towards this course with the sole of purpose of helping victims of
discrimination suffering from mental illness be able to stay a normal life.
I have served as an Army Combat veteran in Afghanistan. My life took a different turn
when I was severely injured by an Improvised Explosive Device in the year 2007 while
protecting the interests of the United States in the battle ground. I spent close to one year in
hospital nursing my physical and spiritual wounds that were making my life hard. Indeed, I was
at the cliff of verge from the real world though I am happy that I managed to remain steadfast in
my psychological stability. After complete recovery from the hospital, I took the initiative of
giving back to the community especially to veterans and other military personnel suffering from
depression especially the famous Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have dedicated my
life towards voluntary work working with non-profit organizations in mentoring and creating
enabling conditions for various victims of mental illnesses such as depression. I am focused to
provide mentoring and other psychological services to a large scale, and I have a goal to start my
non-profit organization to serve many people even beyond the United States of America.
I do understand that depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are complex and
serious mental complications whose prevalence rates are very high among the military personnel
and veterans. According to Kilpatrick et al. (2013), PTSD is a disturbing mental problem that has
been increasing for the last years not only in the United Kingdom but other regions of the world.
A recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry that involved sampling of nine
thousand military personnel and war veterans indicates that post-traumatic stress disorder
increased from 4% in the year 2004 to 6% at the start of 2014 (Stevelink et al., 2018).
High prevalence rates of PTSD is common among veterans and soldiers who been on real
and active combat fields. These people are at high risk of succumbing to several mental related
complications such as anxiety, depression and unregulated consumption of drugs and other
illegal substances. These are just but some of the empirical facts that compelled me to take up
this course in order to ensure I have changed the life of a person in one way or another. I do
understand that there are challenges ahead of me since I am committed to have my own nonprofit organization. However, my life experience has taught me to have a strong stamina to
complete the journey that I started. This course will open my eyes as I will be equipped with
skills and knowledge of mentoring victims of depression and other mental related illnesses.
Primary Social Issue or Research Question that I am Interested In
As opined in the above section, I am interested in how the minority groups in the military
and the veterans suffer from depression especially Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Indeed, this is
attributed to several risk factors such as exposure to threatening war events or even
discrimination at workplace. Any form or segregation of the minority groups such as the
immigrants in the military is backward and it simply worsens life of certain personnel protecting
the interests of the United States of America. As well supported by scholarly views, Post
Traumatic stresses Disorder and other forms mental illnesses are becoming disturbing issues in
the community. The United States has been recording cases of suicides associated with
depression among the veterans and military personnel. I am committed to take a position in the
community by providing mental services to victims of mental illness who are serving in the
military and those who have successfully retired.
What Has Changed for Me and What Remains a Constant?
I do appreciate the fact of my understanding on how mental illness especially Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder and the way the veterans administration system work has improved
significantly. I have gained unmatched knowledge on the risk factors of mental illnesses and the
manner in which the working of the veteran administration system has created a supporting
ground for discrimination of minority groups such as the immigrants. On other hand, my passion
to mentor and provide required psychological services to veterans has always remained intact.
What I went through is what has kept me alive and I aspire to accomplish goal and objective of
giving back to the community.
Research or Practice Method or Methods Are Appropriate for Engaging Me Issue
Conducting primary and secondary research is necessary in coming up with concrete
findings on how to help veterans ailing from mental illness. In this case, I intend to embrace
mixed method of collecting the relevant information pertaining to the current social issue under
address. While conducting primary and secondary research, searching and reviewing peer
reviewed scholarly articles and journals from reputable online database such as Google Scholar
is a must. An interview will be conducted involving probability sampled research participants
from a veteran administration facility. Rationale for embracing hybrid mixed method of research
is to come up with empirical evidence that will enable me to accomplish my dreams.
What I wish to do after Graduation
After earning my degree, I aspire to work for the VA while running a non-profit
organization helping other veterans with mental illness. Working for the VA will create for me
an enabling environment so that I am able to kick start the process of helping physically and
mentally challenged veterans. Notably, working for the VA will form a concrete foundation for
me to acquire top notch skills of running my own non-profit organization. I am optimistic that
my mission will be successfully now that I have advanced my knowledge and skills on the
prevalence rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other forms of mental complications. I
have also expounded my understanding on how veteran administration works and the cases of
discrimination of the minority groups in the army.
Kelly, M.L. (2018). U.S. Army discharges immigrant soldiers seeking citizenship. NPR.
Retrieved from
Kilpatrick, D.G., Resnick, H.S., Milanak, M.E., et al. (2013). National estimates of exposure to
traumatic events and PTSD prevalence using DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria. J Trauma
Stress. 26:537–547.
Stevelink, S.A.M.; Jones, M.; Hull, L.; Pernet, D. (2018). Mental health outcomes at the end of
the British involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts: a cohort study. The British
Journal of Psychiatry. Volume 213, Issue 6 December 2018, pp. 690-697. DOI:
Mental Illness among Veterans/Military Personnel
Alex Bonilla
Bart Buechner
08 July 2019
Application of New Research-Mental Illness among Veterans/Military Personnel
Three Articles
The following are the three articles that describe how new research is being applied to
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder especially among war veterans and the military personnel:
Watkins, LE. Sprang, K.R.; Rothbaum, B.O. (2018). Treating PTSD: a Review of EvidenceBased Psychotherapy Interventions. doi:10.3389/fnbeh.2018.00258. The second article is Koven,
S.G. (2018). Veteran Treatments: PTSD Interventions. doi: 10.3390/healthcare6030094. The
third article is: Reisman, M. (2016). PTSD Treatment for Veterans: What’s Working, What’s
New, and What’s Next. Vol. 41 No. 10 • October 2016 • P&T
Critiquing Ingersoll’s TED Talk
There are number of important issues that have been highlighted by Ingersoll though not
all of them do make sense when it comes to mental in the current age of violence. For example,
Ingersoll appreciates the fact that counseling works better as compared to use of psychotropic
pills when trying to manage mental illness among people. His views seem to coincide with
scholarly findings as addressed in the above identified articles. Dr. Ingersoll substantiates the
fact that the psychotropic medications do work though not up to the required standards. It is
evident that various forms of violence such as gun violence, media violence and school violence
have played a role in ensuring that violence dominates the society not only in the United States
of America but other regions of the world.
I do concur with him that indeed violence has become part and parcel of the American
culture and it is making lives of people hard. In trying to justify his claims on the nature of the
psychotropic medication, Dr. Ingersoll relies on guesswork and this is something that is worrying
in nature. He ought to have supported his claims by citing what other scholars have stated in their
previous works. As he makes it clear, I consider this being a word magic meant to ensure that his
point is well communicated to the target audience.
I accord Dr. Ingersoll due credit on his ability to point the fact that some of the
companies that manufacture psychiatric medications do manipulate their research findings to suit
their needs. Indeed, this is unethical, and it is something that has made it difficult to have the best
medication of dealing with mental illness. As a licensed psychologist, he disputes the illusion
that chemical psychotropic medication causes chemical imbalance in the human brain. Indeed,
mental disorders are not like any other disorders that are studied in the field of medicine. The
talk is generally impressive.
However, Dr. Ingersoll uses complex terms that are not understood by common people
who might be suffering from mental illnesses. In order to ensure that the message reaches many
people, it would have been prudent if he toned down the degree of his vocabulary to ensure that
the message reaches out to as many people as possible. He also appears to criticize many aspects
as they pertain to mental illness even though some of the sentiments as already addressed by
those he is criticizing are backed by scholarly views. These are just but some of the key issues
that Dr. Ingersoll ought to have worked on to ensure that the message reaches out too many in
the society.
Ingersoll, E. (2013). Mental health in the age of violence [Video File]. Retrieved from Accessed on 9th July 2019

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