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Airport Representative

Airhostess & Flight Steward (Cabin Crew)

Airfares, Ticketing and GDS


Why Travel & Hospitality Industry?

Tourism is one of the planet's largest industries and one of the largest drivers of economic growth globally. It is one of the top five exports in over 150 countries, and ranks first in 60 countries. Tourism supports 10% of all economic activity on the planet and 8% of all global employment. It is one the largest source of foreign exchange earnings in the world. This is true for no other industry.

The input from Tourism to the world economy by 2020 will be staggering at 9.6% of the global GDP, 9.2% of total global employment and in India over 58 million jobs will come from tourism alone. Can you afford to be left out?

Travel Industry covers Airlines – Crew, Airport Ground Handling Staff, Ticketing - Travel Agencies, Tourism Boards of various countries and states, Hotel, Convention centres, Various sightseeing & attraction venues etc. It's a huge industry.

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